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Bah HumBugs & Buggy Holidays!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will double your donation to Little Herds, from Giving Tuesday 11/29 until New Years Eve, when you donate to us here!

Curious about #Entomophagy or #EdibleInsects?
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Little Herds is an educational nonprofit based in Austin, Texas, teaching the next generation about insects as a resource efficient, nutritious and delicious food or feed through experiential STEAM based programs; family friendly events; public advocacy outreach; and partnerships with educators, universities and other organizations.

Our Mission:
Little Herds educates and empowers communities, both locally and globally, to support and promote the use of insects for food and feed as an environmentally sound and economically viable source of nutrition.
Little Herds is a 501c3 Charitable Nonprofit, founded in June 2013.

Little Herds Bug Dinner May 2013 from Little Herds on Vimeo.


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Current News: Daily Dose of Insects as Food and Feed

 Little Herds’ collaboration with GrubTubs took home first place in Austin Resource Recovery’s [RE]verse Pitch competition on 12/6! Learn more about our #ATXBSFL pilot project in Austin, Texas.

#GivingTuesday is November 29

The awesome folks at GoodWorld think eating bugs is cool, so they’re helping us get ready for #GivingTuesday. Between now and November 29, you can sign up for GoodWorld and get a free $10 to donate to Little Herds. You’ll also be able to donate easily on social media anytime in the future using #Donate.

Little Herds featured on BarnRaiser homepage!

Little Herds founder RNA (Robert Nathan Allen) was recently featured as one of BarnRaiser’s “Influential Voices,” alongside amazing Good Food advocates like Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank. You can find more on BarnRaiser including news articles, Insect Food collections and even our 2016 BarnRaiser campaign page!


Second annual #WorldEdibleInsectDay, or #WEID

While people were celebrating all over the world for WEID, we were so happy to have our friends Aly Moore of Bugible and Wendy Lu McGill of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch throwing parties in Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado to help raise awareness of #InsectCuisine. You can see some of the great posts and photos here!

New Open Source Resources

The folks at Bitwater Farms announced this week that they’re not only giving away a free cricket farming habitat, they’re making the designs OPEN SOURCE so that anybody has access to these tools and plans. OpenCricketFarm is the third Open Source project for insects as food or feed, joining OpenBugFarm, the mealworm farming design community and Ento.Ed, the middle school curriculum for mealworms farming.


Latest Crowfunding Campaigns

As we continue our fulfillment phase of our own crowdfunding on BarnRaiser earlier this summer, here at Little Herds we’re excited to see other companies using the combined power of the public’s support and social media to jump-start new business endeavors. The Entomophagy community is a huge beneficiary of the crowdfunding model, with many successful brands like Chapul, Exo, SixFoods (Chirps), Gathr Foods (CroBar), CricketFlours, Grub, CrowBar (Jungle Bar) and more starting out with the help of friends, family and strangers who believed in their ‘zany’ idea.

Here are some great campaigns that need your support to spread the word!

MealFlour uses Mealworms to tackle malnutrition in new places! They are a social enterprise that provides training on how to build mealworm farms, so that communities with high rates of malnutrition can produce a protein-rich mealworm flour. Our goal is to improve diets while also  providing families with an additional source of income. They’re currently raising funds to continue their already well-received pilot project in Guatemala!

Support MealFlour

Buggin’ Out Bug-eating School Tour Across AmericaLittle Herds is proud to be partnering with Chef PV to bring edible insect education into classrooms across the country. By supporting the Buggin’ Out tour, you’re supporting a future where our children grow up seeing insects as just another food source to add to the menu. Help us make the tour a reality, and Chef PV will be leaving one of our #EntoEduKits in every school they visit!

Support Buggin’ Out

Addento brings Cricket Crackers to ItalyWe had the chance to meet these folks at the Slow Food Salone Del Gusto conference earlier this year, and we’re super excited to see them launching. Help Addento bring their products to market, and if you have friends in Europe, tell them to get some crackers for you!

Naak Bar launches Cricket Protein Bar in QuebecHelp the gang Naak it out of the park on their first crowdfunding campaign to create cricket protein bars in Quebec, Canada. *Update* The Naak team is going gangbusters, almost at 200% with nine days left. Get your bars before the campaign ends on the first of December.

Congratulations to brothers Dave and Lars on a successful crowdfunding campaign, bringing cricket protein to Denver, Colorado with their new brand, Lithic Nutrition. Creating both protein bars and protein powder, this veteran owned and operated startup is changing the way you look at your functional nutrition. Check out their Kickstarter and spread the word!

Congratulations to Sidiki Sow for hitting his Kickstarter goal! Now he can start cricket farming in West Africa to help communities address food security in an empowering and sustainable way. We love this idea, and it echoes many of the values behind our collaboration with the Farms For Orphans project.

Congratulations to the gang at SENS on hitting their goal! Now it’s on to the stretch goal – new flavors! These folks are going where no protein bar has gone before, touting 20g of complete protein per bar (soy, dairy and gluten free) using fruits, nuts and crickets. These look super tasty, so we’re excited to get a chance to try some. In order for that to happen, they’ll need your help in sharing their campaign.

Know of other campaigns that need help raising awareness? Let us know! Send us a link on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll update this page with it.

Curious what we’re up to?
  • Our #EntoEduKit will let us share edible insects with teachers and children at 200 schools across the country.
  • With our partnership with Farms For Orphans we’ll be empowering orphanages in Kinshasa to grow their own food with insect farming.
  • We’ll be beginning our Industry Reports Project to provide public data to help grow the industry.
  • And of course we’ll still be working on starting out #ATXBSFL Pilot Project to transform Austin food waste destined for the landfill into high-quality poultry feed with BSFL micro-farms.
As a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, we’re funded by public contributions from people like you. If you appreciate the work we’re doing to educate the public about insects as a nutritious and resource-efficient food or feed, please consider donating today to keep us going!

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