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WOW! Matching Pledge of $4,000

We are so incredibly humbled by the generous pledge to match funds raised for our BarnRaiser crowdfunding campaign during the Eating Insects Drtroit Conference, up to *drum roll please*


The conference ends at 1:30pm EST on Saturday May 28, so get your rewards now and help us receive this wonderful gift of support.

Thank you to all our backers who’ve supported us so far, and a special thank you to our Anonymous Benefactor!!!

BarnRaiser Crowdfunding Campaign

So much love,


Little Herds is crowdfunding on BarnRaiser

Little Herds will be launching our BarnRaiser Crowdfunding Campaign on May 26!

Checkout our BarnRaiser

We’ll be kicking off our campaign at the Eating Insects Detroit Conference, with the support of the Edible Insects movement to get a great first push in support.

We’ve chosen to partner with BarnRaiser for this campaign. While you may not have heard of their platform yet, we’re very excited to be working with them! They’re a perfect fit for the idea of eating insects for your health or the planet, and their strong focus on education and nonprofits makes them a great fit for Little Herds.

We’ll be shooting for $8,000 as our goal, which will help fund our operating costs, launch our Edible Insects Industry Reports project and help build cricket farms in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo for our partnership with Farms for Orphans.

If we hit our Stretch Goal #1 of $10,000 we’ll be able to make 200 Educator Kits to send to schools, allowing teachers to share the joys of edible insects with their students. The kits will have tasting samples, curriculum, activities, pictures, videos and online resources for educators to use for free.

If we hit our Stretch Goal #2 of $15,000 we’ll use the $5000 to launch our Austin Black Soldier Fly Larvae Micro-Farm Pilot Project with Ecology Action Texas! Working with community partners and the city of Austin, we’ll be able to begin a proof-of-concept BSFL farm to turn Austin’s food waste into high quality poultry feed for local farmers.

We do need your help though, to make this campaign a success. Sharing our campaign with your friends and family will help us increase the sound of our collective voice, and get more folks talking about edible insects, and that gets people interested in this amazing food and feed resource. Help us out and join our BarnRaiser Ambassador list to get insider updates on the campaign and help us coordinate a great first push in our first 24 hours of the campaign.

We’re very thankful to all of the wonderful companies who have pledged their support to our campaign:

More information coming soon, so stay tuned!

Little Herds on The Diane Rehm Show!

We’re so excited to be joining The Diane Rehm Show for the Monday, May 2 episode: Eating Insects: The Argument For Adding Bugs To Our Diet.

You can live-stream the episode from their site, and we’ll be adding a link to listen once it’s up.

Check out The Diane Rehm Show Facebook page afterwards, we hear the host and crew will be trying some delicious edible insect products donated through Little Herds!