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Using Social Media to amplify the Entomophagy message

With all the exciting activity around #EdibleInsects right now social media can be a great tool to find news and media about insects for food and feed; share your own story with people interested in #entomophagy; and connect with other people in your local and global communities to share and collaborate. Social media can also be daunting! There are so many great platforms to connect with people on that the list is nearly endless, but we wanted to share our tips and tricks for some basic social media tools like Facebook and Twitter for those just starting out.

It’s important to remember that having an active Facebook and Twitter account linked to your website helps people who are interested in your business, organization or project. It’s also a great marketing and PR tool that can provide some pretty big returns for the time you invest in it.

Today we want to highlight hashtags and mentions. Hashtags and mentions can be used on both Twitter or Facebook in essentially the same way.

Hashtags like the ones used above (#edibleinsects and #entomophagy) are useful for finding who else is talking about your interests. You can search for hashtags on social media to connect to new people that share an interest, whatever that may be. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but only letters and numbers can be used, and no spaces. When many people use the same hashtags around the same time, those hashtags can become “trending,” making it more likely that people who’ve never heard of insects for food and feed will see these messages.

Here are some examples of hashtags we like to use for finding new friends talking about our interests:

#EdibleInsects | #entomophagy | #eatbugs | #EntoATX | #EntoCon | #cricketprotein | #slowfood | #sustainable | #nutrition | #education | #nonprofit

And of course we love #LittleHerds 🙂

So make sure you’re using hashtags so we can see what you’re talking about!

A mention, @LittleHerds for instance, will notify somebody that you’re talking about them, like a little shout-out, but it also lets your readers click-through to the homepage of who you mentioned. This is great because there’s no confusion about who you’re talking about or how to learn more about them. One important note; with Twitter if you begin your tweet with a mention, only the person you mention will see the tweet unless they look on your wall. If you’re only talking to the people mentioned this is fine, but if you want your followers to see your tweet start it with something else like a hashtag or just anything but the @ symbol. For example:

@LittleHerds Y’all rock! Everybody should check them out here ->

That’s a lovely tweet, but it will only show up in our feed and all your followers will miss it 🙁

Try this instead:

Hey @LittleHerds y’all rock! Everybody should check them out here ->

Now everybody will see it, hurray!

You can also see the analytics of which posts have had the most engagement from your followers, so always think about what works best and what doesn’t.

If you want to try out these tips, give us a shout-out by mentioning @LittleHerds and telling folks about our #crowdfunding campaign at

Thanks for your help in growing Little Herds!



Here’s a bonus for Twitter: our basic search query for finding out what’s going on in the world of cricket products and ingredients:

#entomophagy OR #edibleinsects OR #cricketflour OR #cricketpowder OR #cricketprotein OR “edible insects” OR “eat insects” OR “eating insects” OR “eats insects” OR “cricket flour” OR “cricket powder” OR “made with crickets” OR “cricket protein” OR “eating crickets” OR “eats crickets”

Copy and paste this into your Twitter search bar and be amazed and how many people are talking about eating insects. Try your own mix and see who you meet!

$1500 to hit Stretch Goal #1!

We hit our 1st crowdfunding goal!

Help us keep the momentum going
and support us on BarnRaiser today

Thanks for checking out our website! We’re constantly adding new content and resources so check in often to see what’s going on. First time eating insects? Click here or click the link in our menu for first-timers.

As an educational nonprofit, we need your help! We’re currently crowdfunding on BarnRaiser to fund some awesome educational projects teaching people about the benefits of using insects as food and feed. We’re trying to hit $25,000 by July 15th to host the Eating Insects ATX conference next summer. This conference will be the second annual conference dedicated to insects for food and feed in the USA (Read more about the Inaugural event we helped organize this year in Detroit). You can also read more about our crowdfunding campaign below, or go get some awesome rewards for helping us hit our stretch goals!

BarnRaiser BarnBurner!

  • Upward & Onward to the Stretch Goals!

    We’re still reeling from the incredible amount of love we’ve received in the last week, and the huge wave of support that effectively put us at our goal in the first 48 hours! Read more below about how this happened, and the awesome supporters who helped us secure a $4,000 matching donation to tip us past our first target of $8,000. This pledge should be showing up on the campaign page any day now (we’re still waiting on the bank to process the check). We’ll be keeping the momentum going at our 9th Annual Bug (Eating) Festival (#ATXBugFest) happening this Saturday at in.gredients in Austin, Texas.

    We’re just getting started with this BarnRaiser though. With almost six weeks left, there’s plenty of good work to be done! We have two stretch goals with amazing local impact that kick-in when we hit $10,000 and $15,000.

    At $10K, we’ll be able to send 200 Educator Kits to teachers around Austin, to help them share edible insects with their students. Each Educator Kit will be tailored to the students’ grade level, and include resources like pictures; infographics; links to online resources and videos; hand-outs; work sheets and other grade-specific curriculum materials. Of course they’ll also include insect foods for the kids to try their first bite! Once these kits go out, we can track how many students tried the insects and calculate the impacts like water and land saved, and the amount of GHGs reduced by eating insects instead of traditional livestock. We’ll be able to show how a small number of kids eating bugs can have a huge environmental impact!

    At $15K, we’ll be able to start our Austin Black Soldier Fly Larvae Micro-Farm Pilot Project with Ecology Action Texas! Working with community partners and the city of Austin, we’ll be able to begin a proof-of-concept BSFL farm to turn Austin’s food waste into high quality poultry feed for local farmers. Our goal is to have our working educational model up and running this fall, so we can offer educational workshops for students, farmers, community leaders and policy makers, to show them how BSFL can be used as a resource benefiting the health of our local community; helping farmers and our city economically; and keeping nutrients in our local ecosystem, not in the landfill, helping environmentally.

    So how the heck did we hit our initial goal so quickly?

    We launched our BarnRaiser on May 26 at the Eating Insects Detroit Conference. That same day we received a matching pledge from an anonymous donor; they would match everything we raised at the conference (May 26-28) up to $4,000. Needless to say we were absolutely stunned!

    We told our friends, family and the conference attendees (~150 folks from countries around the world, across a variety of disciplines, sharing a passion for insects as a food and feed) and the response was astounding! Within the first 48 hours of launching our campaign, we raised $4,105 from 41 Little Herds’ Rock Stars from all over the world, securing the pledge from our mysterious stranger.

    A HUGE Thank You from Little Herds to all of our early donors who helped us hit this match, and helped us secure our initial goal in the first few days!

    Julie Lesnik
    Wendy Lu McGill
    Katharina Unger
    Riley Lundquist
    Frederick McVittie
    Kiah Brasch
    Harman Johar
    George Colburn
    Jeff Coco
    Ana Day
    Christian BĂ€rtsch
    Andrea Kraus
    Pam Allen
    Aly Moore
    Michael Place
    Alyssa Deronne
    Cheryl Preyer
    Dennis Durban
    Mariangela Veronesi
    Don Peavy
    Cedric Auriol
    VĂ©ronique Bricaire
    Ricardo Carvajal
    Nicolas Camo
    Robert Nemlander
    Terence Steinberg
    Sean McDonald
    Meghan Curry
    Geoffrey Tolle
    Madeline Edwards
    Susan Young
    Gina Hunter
    Ami Kane
    Henry Pointon
    Glen Courtright
    Maxime Bourque
    Jonas House
    Santtu Vekkeli
    Jakub Dzamba
    C Frisch

    And a big thanks to our generous anonymous supporter!

    We’ve also been getting some great press for the conference and #ATXBugFest, with the help from our local PR mentor, Lexie of Red Door Communications:

    "Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi" -Ben Klayman, 5/27/16
    “Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi”
    -Ben Klayman, 5/27/16
    9th Annual Austin Bug (Eating) Festival
    9th Annual Austin Bug (Eating) Festival
    "Bug food makers join forces to create North American Edible Insects Coalition" -Elaine Watson, 5/26/16
    “Bug food makers join forces to create North American Edible Insects Coalition”
    -Elaine Watson, 5/26/16
    "Edible insect industry primed for growth" -Jenna Blumenfeld, 5/30/16
    “Edible insect industry primed for growth”
    -Jenna Blumenfeld, 5/30/16
    "Austin’s ninth annual BugFest returns Saturday to Ingredients" -Addie Broyles, 5/31/16
    “Austin’s ninth annual BugFest returns Saturday to Ingredients”
    -Addie Broyles, 5/31/16


























    "Austin’s Ninth Annual Bug (Eating) Festival: Two legs good, six legs tasty!" -Wayne Alan Brenner, 6/1/16
    “Austin’s Ninth Annual Bug (Eating) Festival:
    Two legs good, six legs tasty!”
    -Wayne Alan Brenner, 6/1/16







    Now we have about six weeks left to shoot past these stretch goals, and we’re excited to be announcing a truly ambitious Stretch Goal #3 shortly. Stay tuned, keep rockin’ this BarnRaiser, and as always…Stay hungry, my friends.

    Sincerely humbled and gracious,