#BugsEndHunger: FIG Project

Little Herds is proud to partner with Seeds Of Action on the #BugsEndHunger campaign, funding the FIG Project – Starting May 1st

Empowering tomorrow’s insect farmers to forge their own food security with FIG, the Farming Insects Guide – If you #FundTheFig, we’ll make sure #BugsEndHunger

Seeds of Action is a non profit organization based in Grand Junction, CO, focused on using insects to end the global hunger crisis. Through education initiatives they are promoting the use of insects as a sustainable food source and creating insect farming awareness and educational resources. Seeds of Action is a 501(c)3  founded in November 2015.

2017 Bugs End Hunger Campaign:
Seeds of Action co-founder Jeremy Connor is going on a 30 day bug diet, driven by his beliefs and convictions that bugs can end the global hunger crisis. Proceeds from the campaign will fund the development and deployment of a visual, farming insect guide (FIG) to be used in developing countries and crisis areas. The campaign will be using #BugsEndHunger to help create awareness around this project. To find out more or join in this movement go to BugsEndHunger.com
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From the Seeds Of Action website:

“Changes start with education. First, we are bringing an awareness of this solution to a mainstream audience. Next, we are collaborating with Little Herds and their team of experts to develop an open-source, visual, Farming Insects Guide (FIG) which can be used by various cultures and age groups to begin farming insects and ending MALNUTRITION.  We will develop and test a prototype FIG with a partnering farm in a developing country so we can workout all of the “kinks” -not bugs, because we need those! We are choosing to make the FIG open-source and visual, instead of written instructions, to allow everyone access.”

Learn more at the #BugsEndHunger homepage!

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