Building a better industry – SPIFFs

Safety Protocols for Insects as Food and Feed (SPIFFs)

As a growing new industry, the world of Insects for Food and Feed is sometimes tough to navigate for entrepreneurs who have realized the potential for edible insects, yet struggle to find clarity and support within existing regulations. Because insects as food and feed has been a relatively unexplored idea until the last few years, existing regulations around safe food and feed currently don’t even mention insects specifically beyond maximum defect levels and some obscure food products with insect-derived ingredients.

We’re not talking about these existing rules though, we’re talking about a whole new food category that needs to be officially recognized and defined within existing rules. This way companies can be sure that they’re producing and marketing their products safely, legally and responsibly. In an effort to help clarify this nebulous area, Little Herds is proposing an industry-wide self-adopted standard, Safety Protocols for Insects as Food and Feed (SPIFFs), in lieu of and in anticipation of any official changes to the regulations. This will allow consumers and regulators to have a greater clarity into the ways insects are farmed and processed into products. It will also allow companies that choose to adopt these recommendations to set themselves apart from companies that choose to act irresponsibly and eschew transparency to the public and regulators.

More information on this initiative coming soon!