Ento Data – Industry Reports

Little Herds has identified that a lack of publicly available information is hindering to many aspects of the insects for food and feed industry. Data lacking includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sales – both the revenue value and number of products sold
  • Customer/Market feedback – response rates to products and surveys
  • Production volumes – volume of insects and insect ingredients produced
  • Efficiency metrics – water/space/energy usage per insect produced/processed
  • Processing – conversion ratios, nutritional loss or enhancement through processing

Because we recognize that companies are hesitant to provide this information publicly, we are proposing an anonymous data-pooling project. Little Herds will create and maintain a dedicated server that would allow companies to easily, securely and anonymously provide data of this kind to a central repository. Little Herds would then be able to take this blind aggregated data and distill an industry average across all metrics.

With this snapshot data, Little Herds would be able to create an ‘Ento Industry Report,’ beginning on a quarterly basis, but eventually on a monthly basis. This would be a public document available for use by any group or individual, outlining the broad relevant data, such as overall sales, investment, production volumes and public response. We have spoken with the majority of the industry stakeholders; farming, processing and consumer-facing product inclusive; and have received strong positive feedback to this idea.


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