It may sound cheesy, but here at Little Herds we believe that children are the future. One of the funny things about eating insects is that the psychological taboo is really the only thing that keeps people from trying their first bite and enjoying this nutritious and delicious food. Kids don’t have that mental hurdle built up the way that some folks do as adults, and we find kids much more receptive and open to trying a bug. Sometimes the youngest kids don’t even know or care what it is; they just eat the insect and it tastes great, and that’s all they care about. This also gives us a great chance to talk to the parents and the adults who are usually much more skeptical than the kids, and fully explain why this food (that the kids obviously like) is healthy, environmentally friendly and easy to use in everyday foods. Parents usually end up trying the bugs too, and they’re almost always sold. Imagine if getting kids to eat broccoli was this fun and easy!

In 10 to 20 years, the children of today will be the farmers, chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs and consumers of tomorrow. If we can normalize insects as just another food today, the next generation will truly be able to unlock and utilize this untapped food resource.

As an educational nonprofit, Little Herds provides Educational Materials to educators and parents; Experiential Tasting Workshops to classrooms and organizations to provide a comfortable environment to try their first edible insect; and connects organizations to our Ento-Experts Speakers network, to share this idea with all communities around the world.

For more information about the ways Little Herds helps educators, contact us at LittleHerds (at)



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