Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Little Herds successfully finished our BarnRaiser
Crowdfunding Campaign
 on July 15!

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We are currently running a little behind in our fulfillment, but we’re working diligently to get everybody’s rewards confirmed and shipped ASAP! Thanks so much for your patience, and as always please feel free to reach out and let us know what we can do to help.

We kicked off our campaign at the Eating Insects Detroit Conference, with the support of the Edible Insects movement to get a great first push in support. Thanks to our early backers we passed our initial goal of $8,000, and by July 15 when the campaign ended we had raised $10,597.

Because of the 111 people who backed our campaign we will now be able to share edible insects with teachers and children at 200 schools across the country; empower orphanages in Kinshasa to grow their own food with cricket farming; begin our Industry Reports Project to provide public data to help grow the industry; and of course we’ll still be working on starting out #ATXBSFL Pilot Project to transform Austin food waste destined for the landfill into high-quality poultry feed with BSFL micro-farms.

We chose to partner with BarnRaiser for this campaign. While you may not have heard of their platform yet, we really enjoyed working with them, and would recommend them to other groups crowdfunding for food and sustainability projects! They’re a perfect fit for the idea of eating insects for your health or the planet, and their strong focus on education and nonprofits made them a great fit for Little Herds.

If you missed the chance to support the campaign you can still donate to Little Herds here, or try some delicious edible insect rewards here.