Because we’re a start-up nonprofit, we need all the help we can get! We love it when people share things, collaborate and contribute their ideas and experiences to the greater conversation. You might not have money to donate or buy products, but you can still share the gift of your voice. Sharing stories, pictures and videos with us online or within your family and community; re-posting great articles you see or events you hear about; using hashtags like #Entomophagy, #EdibleInsects or #LittleHerds (to tag us!) to share what you’re doing with us and others…these are great ways to help us build a community of passionate people who want to see a powerful change in our global food system!

We mostly use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo, Flickr…but we’ll be growing our Pinterest and Instagram accounts soon!

If you’re an educator, a healthcare provider, a policy maker, a parent, a chef, a farmer, an entrepreneurs, a baker, a researcher, a student…we want your voice at the table. The more we create together, the more we can share with others to inspire and empower.

We can use boots on the ground too! If you’d like to find local events to volunteer at, email us at LittleHerds (at) gmail (dot) com.